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UofSAM.: Maybe Samford and Chi.State both benefit from this move. Jul 19, 2021 17:03:30 GMT -5
bulldog91: Just want to remind everyone about the Alsop/Bowden football reunion being held next weekend. Most of the coaches and many players are planning to attend. Last count is about 150 for the banquet which is being held at the Vestavia Country Club. Jul 10, 2021 15:27:58 GMT -5
hogdog: I’ve been most remiss re: Shoutbox; however, filled with negative thoughts? Saw only 1 complete football game live & of course we gave up a 2nd half lead to lose. That seemed to be our defensive style & has been for far too long, IMO. Women’s sports A+! Apr 24, 2021 18:52:04 GMT -5
hogdog: Speaking as the soccer expert I am not...speed & skills impact offense, IMO? Women’s soccer at Samford is truly in a league of it’s own & is always a target for our conference foes. Coach Yelton & his team(s) have exemplified superior team play. Mar 15, 2021 8:45:49 GMT -5
Cujo: Hotdog, you make a good point. What have the pigs ever done to us. Mar 8, 2021 17:07:28 GMT -5
hogdog: Cujo, I wish you would not insult Pigs! Hog 🐗 Mar 6, 2021 19:18:26 GMT -5
dixiechs88: hey guys!!! are yall going to games in person? we plan on making a home game or two and wondered... Mar 5, 2021 9:33:50 GMT -5
hogdog: Great win for WBB & the Lady Bulldogs as Champs again! Congratulations! Feb 25, 2021 21:00:33 GMT -5
The Cats: Happy New Year Bulldog fans from the Catamount Nation!!!!!! May 2021 bring you success on the field and in life...... Jan 1, 2021 9:21:58 GMT -5
SU DOG: You are right hogdog. That 1999 win was the only win in the last 10 years until today. Overall the record is 17-12 Belmont. Dec 5, 2020 19:55:42 GMT -5 *
hogdog: I thought the Bulldog win over Belmont was a big deal. Sadly it feels we have not beaten the Bruins in a while? I do believe we lost 2 to them in 2019. Go Dogs Dec 5, 2020 19:39:08 GMT -5
SU DOG: Thanks Funkychicken for your follow-up post that sets me straight about Duck. I'm sure he is happy to still be at Pittsburgh. Sept 8, 2020 10:45:15 GMT -5
The Cats: The WCU completes study to add men’s wrestling and the two women’s sports - women’s lacrosse, and women’s wrestling Sept 4, 2020 11:53:53 GMT -5
The Cats: I noticed my Cats are ranked dead last of the 15 teams that are playing at least one fall football game. I'm hoping they will surprise a few folks this year. Sept 1, 2020 11:57:22 GMT -5
dawgfan: Nice to get some good news regarding Samford Football or Athletics in general. We must celebrate wildly this Fall anything positive that happens in regards to the Bulldogs as opportunities appear to be going to be about as rare as a Win over UTC. Aug 29, 2020 15:51:33 GMT -5
SU DOG: Smurf, that shows just how up to date I am. Now Groovy, Cool or Boss I would have known. LOL! Aug 24, 2020 12:38:44 GMT -5
The Cats: Congratulations to Butkuss, he is in my thoughts and prayers. Aug 23, 2020 19:35:32 GMT -5
SU DOG: EKU is an interesting case. They have gone rogue against the OVC, and scheduled 8 games this fall, apparently opting out of any spring schedule. Aug 21, 2020 12:19:26 GMT -5
The Cats: Western Carolina's revised fall 2020 schedule includes FBS-independent Liberty on Saturday, Nov. 14, in Lynchburg, Va., and traveling to Eastern Kentucky on Saturday, Nov. 21 Aug 21, 2020 11:51:42 GMT -5
Smurf: SU DOG, yes, I felt the earthquake. The bed quivered and objects were shaking on my dresser. It woke me up from a dead sleep. Aug 11, 2020 7:18:08 GMT -5